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Welcome to Fit & Strong by Kasia

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 Ready to get fit and strong? 

 Look no further! 

As an experienced personal trainer with 10+years in the fitness world , I will guide you on your fitness journey, helping you become the best version of yourself. Whether you prefer working out in your home,a Gibraltar gym, or through online sessions, I am here to help you achieve your fitness goals.


At Fit & Strong by Kasia, I believe in the power of personalized training and nutrition. Together, we will create a plan that is designed specifically for you, ensuring maximum results and sustainable lifestyle changes. 
I am dedicated to helping both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts.

 Ready to experience the best Gibraltar fitness? 

Or, if you're ready to take the next step, let's talk about fitness coaching and how I can support you on your journey.

Don't wait any longer - don't wait for a “perfect moment”, make the moment perfect . 


Join me at Fit & Strong by Kasia and let's make your fitness
goals a reality.

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   Fit & Strong   

A FREE behind the scenes look into my Fit & Strong group coaching experience for one week.

You gain access to my custom Fit & Strong  App  with  custom workouts to complete on your own, Private FB group access to connect with like-minded women, who work with us.

Simply click JOIN THE FREE TRIAL. Create your free account for the BBM app and you’ll be on your way!


A satisfied customer of personal trainer, Kasia, shares her positive opinion about her training method, which helped her achieve better results and enjoy exercising

I've been Kasia's PT client since August 2022 and I have to say this was the best decision for me. Kasia has a wonderful approach to her clients - all her training sessions are very well thought through, challenging and super effective. She pushes me every time to be better and explains the movements well so that I can transfer that knowledge to my solo training. She creates a perfect mixture of accountability and community that helps me dedicate myself even in times when my motivation is lower. Not to mention for the first time in my life I enjoy going to the gym!

Kasia Siadak

I like Kasia' s classes because she always makes sure everyone is doing the exercises correctly, also she takes into account our personal circumstances, looks after injuries and adjusts plans to them for example.

If she doesn't see you in class she will chase you and try to help with time management, give suggestions and plans to include exercises to your own lifestyle, also she always has nice words for kids attending or pets walking through the room.

Highly recommend her classes for everyone!

 Evelin Varga is one of the many satisfied customers of Kasia, who helps women achieve their health and fitness goals

Evelin Varga

The client describes her three-year cooperation with Kasia, emphasizing her physical and strength transformation thanks to online training, classes, and individual sessions at the gym. The client expresses gratitude and admiration for Kasia, calling her a trainer who listens, understands, and cares for her clients

I've been Kasia's client consistently now for 3 years now!! Over those 3 years we have done online
training, classes, personal training sessions in the gym and personalised programmes. Its no
exaggeration that working with Kasia has changed my life!! When we first met I was severely overweight,
unfit and really in need of a change of lifestyle. On our first session I couldn't even do a bodyweight
squat and would nearly fall over doing a lunge!! Fast forward 3 years, I've fallen in love with powerlifting
and strength training, I am currently squating 100kgs, deadlifting 130kgs and bench pressing 60kgs.
None of this would have been possible without Kasia, her knowledge, her encouragement and her
enthusiasm. Over the last 3 years we have developed a strong friendship and have had loads of fun and
laughs. I couldn't recommend Kasia enough, words can't express the difference she's made to my life! If
you want a trainer that cares, listens and understands Kasia is the trainer for you! You won't regret it!!



Claire Keegan

I’m back after over a two weeks break from training and it was extremely hard for me 🥴...are you wondering how I felt after the last training with Kasia... like being run over by a train 😆 🥴seriously I felt every muscle on my belly, legs, and butt🙈 I barely walked for another 3 days...🙈 But... I did it💪 and . it's worth it 💪and I'm on my track again💪and I can't wait for tomorrow 💪

Thank you, Kasia for your motivation, advice, and tips, you do an amazing job❣️

I love to train with you since my first class which was years ago... and I always knew that one day I'll be back to you and I appreciate ❤️

The client describes the challenges and rewards of training, and also emphasizes the friendship and fun she has with Kasia

Marta Mrozek

Build your strength and fitness with Kasia - a professional personal trainer who will help you achieve your goals!

I would highly recommend Kasia. She is a fantastic coach, and I learned so much from her. Her online classes are excellent,  really tough but really enjoyable. She also provided a specific gym plan for me to do and tailored it to the gym equipment that was available to me. She was always available for any questions. She is passionate about coaching and really cares about her clients. Would 100% recommend!

Leah Kerr

I've been working out with Kasia for a few months now and what I like the most is a personalized plan for my specific goals.Thanks to Kasia's knowledge and directions I could focus on strengthening my weakest points. It's great to train with someone who's so passionate, it gives you more motivation. Kasia is a true inspiration and I highly recommend her if you want a training program specially designed for you.

Monika Hetmanska

The client emphasizes the individual training plan and Kasia’s passion for coaching. The client recommends training with Kasia to anyone looking for a personalized training program
A review from Marie O’Gorman, who has been training with Kasia for 8 months and is delighted with her knowledge and guidance. Marie writes that she is stronger than ever and has gained confidence and training skills. She thanks Kasia for setting her on a good path to a healthy life

I've been working out with Kasia as my personal trainer for 8 months now and it has been a fantastic experience! Kasia is incredibly knowledgeable and an amazing guide. I am 35 and stronger now than I have ever been in my life. I've also gained confidence and skills in how to work out effectively. I know that this is setting me on a great path to continue to stay strong and healthy throughout my life. Thanks Kasia!

Marie O’Gorman

I started with Kasia mid January as a personal PT and I couldn't recommend her more. I had been out of training for a long time due to a back injury, to which I went to a physiotherapist who told me I would not be able to train for a long time. I saw her Bio and knew instinctively that she was the one to get me back on track. I have learned a wealth of knowledge during the course of our training and I went from fear of not being able to train to excelling in the one moment that caused my injury, deadlifting. Today I reached a PB of 92.5kg something I didn't think I could do again, it's all down to Kasia 😘

Zdjęcie przedstawia tekst z rekomendacją klientki, która ceni sobie treningi z Kasią za indywidualny plan treningowy i pasję Kasi do coachingu. Klientka opowiada o swoich postępach i celach, które osiągnęła dzięki treningom z Kasią. Klientka podziwia Kasię za jej entuzjazm i troskę o swoich klientów

Aoife O’Neill

Zdjęcie przedstawia tekst z pochwałą klientki, która uwielbia treningi z Kasią za jej niesamowitą wiedzę i prowadzenie. Klientka opisuje swoją transformację fizyczną i siłową, którą osiągnęła dzięki treningom z Kasią

I started training with Kasia in May 2020. I have done both her online classes, personalised training plans and meal plans. Kasia is nothing but fantastic. She loves her job and wants nothing but success for you. She will push you, motivate you and celebrate your goals with you!



Daniella Costa

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