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Fit & Strong By Kasia

Group Online Personal Training
You can train from your home or from the gym


The power to train where you feel most motivated and comfortable is in your hands: Whether you prefer the comfort
of your own home or the energizing atmosphere of a gym,
the choice is yours.


Fit & Strong Online



Every month

£199 /month

Valid until canceled

 2 group training sessions

 Generic Training Program

Nutrition not included

X No 1:1 communication 

    6-month commitment

Best Value

Fit & Strong Online PLUS



Every month

£299 /month

Valid until canceled

 Unlimited group training sessions

 Custom Training Program

 Nutrition plan/guidance 

 1:1 communication 

    6-month commitment

FAQs : Frequently Asked Question

Where can I train?

Train with ease and flexibility, wherever you are! Fit & Strong by Kasia offers personalized Zoom live group sessions that you can join from the comfort of your home, your favorite gym, or even while on vacation.


What equipment will I need?

Equipment options are tailored to your preference and fitness level. You can utilize small equipment like dumbbells and bands, or challenge yourself with barbells, large dumbbells, and kettlebells for more advanced workouts.


No prior fitness experience? 

No problem! Our classes accommodate three fitness levels. Beginners can enjoy low-impact 45-minute sessions 2-3 times a week, while intermediates and advances can engage in invigorating 60-minute classes 3-5 times a week.


Can't make it to a live session?

Don't worry! You'll have access to pre-recorded programs that you can follow at your own convenience.


What about my nutrition?

Nutrition guidance is included in your journey. You'll receive a Nutrition Guide that simplifies the essentials of a healthy diet, helping you increase energy, improve mood, and feel confident in your own skin.


Need an extra boost of motivation? 

Join our private Facebook group, where like-minded women support each other, ensuring you stay motivated and committed to your goals.


Not sure which program suits you best?
Sign up for our free 7-day trial! Once you've completed the trial, schedule a free 10-minute call with me, and together we'll determine the perfect fit for your fitness journey.




Let's embark on this transformative adventure together. Start your free trial today!

I like Kasia' s classes because she always makes sure everyone is doing the exercises correctly, also she takes into account our personal circumstances, looks after injuries and adjusts plans to them for example.

If she doesn't see you in class she will chase you and try to help with time management, give suggestions and plans to include exercises to your own lifestyle, also she always has nice words for kids attending or pets walking through the room.

Highly recommend her classes for everyone!

Evelin_Varga_Personal trainer

Evelin Varga

I’m back after over a two weeks break from training and it was extremely hard for me 🥴...are you wondering how I felt after the last training with Kasia... like being run over by a train 😆 🥴seriously I felt every muscle on my belly, legs, and butt🙈 I barely walked for another 3 days...🙈 But... I did it💪 and . it's worth it 💪and I'm on my track again💪and I can't wait for tomorrow 💪

Thank you, Kasia for your motivation, advice, and tips, you do an amazing job❣️

I love to train with you since my first class which was years ago... and I always knew that one day I'll be back to you and I appreciate ❤️

Marta_Mrozek_Personal trainer

Marta Mrozek

I'm highly recommended Kasia. After free trial with her 1 made decision to stay with her for next 6 months in combo plan and that was the better what's I could do for myself. Kasia helps me preparing my body to be ready for ultramarathon and after few weeks training with her on classes snid doing my personal plan
which Kasia change for me when I need or asked for it. I can see progress in my running without any back or arms pain which I had before after long distance. Kasia is high professional and she knows what's she's doing


Judyta Przybylska

I would highly recommend Kasia. She is a fantastic coach, and I learned so much from her. Her online classes are excellent,  really tough but really enjoyable. She also provided a specific gym plan for me to do and tailored it to the gym equipment that was available to me. She was always available for any questions. She is passionate about coaching and really cares about her clients. Would 100% recommend!

What others say Leah Kerr Personal Trainer

Leah Kerr

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