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Live training sessions on ZOOM 

Live Trainining

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Fit & Strong By Kasia
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F&S Training & NutritionApp

Custom workouts to complete on your own.

Private FB Group

Private FB group

Connect  with other women who just like you, want to be fit & strong.

Evelina V-Testimonials

I like Kasia' s classes because she always makes sure everyone is doing the exercises correctly, also she takes to account our personal circumstances, look after injuries and adjust plan to them for example.
If she doesn't see you in class she will chase you and try to help with time management, give suggestions and plans to include exercises to your own lifestyle, also she always have nice words for kids attending or pets walking through the room.
Highly recommend her classes for everyone!

Leah Kerr Testimonials Personal Trainer

I would highly recommend Kasia. She is a fantastic coach, and I learned so much from her. Her online classes are excellent, really tough but really enjoyable. She also provided a specific gym plan for me to do and tailored it to the gym equipment that was available to me. She was always available for any questions. She is passionate about coaching and really cares about her clients. Would 100% recommend!

Gilian-Testimonials Personal Trainer

I started a google search back in January in the hopes of finding someone that could help me
and that was when I came upon Kasia. I am pregnant with my fourth baby and due in a month.
I suffered with bad pregnancy sickness for first four months, each pregnancy got significantly
worse. I just wanted to feel good again and try to get back to some kind of fitness regime. I have
always been into my fitness but each pregnancy got more and more difficult to stay motivated.
I had one zoom callwith Kasia and I felt instantly elated and rearing to go. She made everything
sound so achievable and she was so accommodating to work around my family's busy
schedule. I have been with Kasia for nearly six months now doing one private PT session, one
group session and one pregnancy tailored workout to do in my own time. I don't think I have ever
felt as strong and healthy in any of my pregnancies. Sometimes I go on to our zoom class
feeling exhausted but after a session of weights I am feeling energised and positive. You would
think in pregnancy that it's hard to maintain or gain muscle definition but I am still deadlifting
squatting, bench pressing. you name it and I am noticing how strong my body is becoming even
while growing a baby. Kasia tailors each workout allowing it to be safe during pregnancy even
during the group sessions when there are women who aren't pregnant. I feel very confident and
comfortable under her guidance. Even though our sessions are through zoom Kasia never
misses a beat, she can see when my pelvis is tilted incorrectly, if my lower back is under
pressure or if I am not engaging the correct muscles, she even spotted my swollen ankles one
day. It's a very safe environment yet you can challenge yourselif as long as it is careful to do so
On top of all that I have learned so much along the way from Kasia through the pregnancy
platform that I have access to. Even though it is my fourth pregnancy I still picked up so many
helpful tips and recommendations for each trimester. At the moment, outside of our workouts,
Kasia is prepping me for birth by introducing birth preparation exercises and techniques that
I try to do daily. She really is with you through it all. I planned on only working with Kasia for the
duration of my pregnancy but I am going to find it very difficult to say goodbye to her once
I enter my postpartum phase. Her positivity and enthusiasm is infectious and I really look forward
to our sessions each week. It is obvious that she adores her job and she is constantly sharing
her never ending knowledge during our sessions or on her platform.

Judyta Przybylska-Testimonials Personal Trainer

I'm highly recommended Kasia. After free trial with her I made decision to stay with her for next 6 months in combo plan and that was the better what's I could do for myself. Kasia helps me preparing my body to be ready for ultramarathon and after few weeks training with her on classes plus doing my personal plan which Kasia change for me when I need or asked for it. I can see progress in my running without any back or arms pain which I had before after long distance. Kasia is high professional and she knows what's she's doing.

Ivana Simic- Testimonial Personal Trainer

Ivana Simic

Having a previous experience working with Kasia in person I knew that I won't stop
being active once - am pregnant. Beside 1000 questions, thoughts and fear of
unknown as first time mom to be, - had full confidence that both me and my baby
are safe with Kasia.
That's why 1 decided to start online pregnancy classes where I had live online PTs
with Kasia, but also I was joining group classes that Kasia had and she made
pregnancy modification for every excercise that required special attention
considering my condition. Access to the pregnancy platform where 1 had custom
made training plan for each trimester to do in my own time with descriptive
explanations, video recordings of each excercise and easily defined reps was really
great source of information and help! Beside, every excercise was previously
explained on our PT sessions, so there was no complications doing them even on my own.
I am 28 weeks now and still working out regularly and these trainings made my
pregnancy journey really easy! I am enjoying every bit of it and my doctors are also
happy with my activity and mobility and they encouraged me to continue working
out to make recovery after birth as easy as possible.
This online approach is special in many ways, but mostly by Kasia's comitment and
really one to one approach and relationship she has with her clients, You won't get
generic responses and you can be sure your plan is really made for your needs and goals.
Couldn't recommend Kasia enough!

BeYOUTIFUL by Michelle Galway-Testimonials Personal Trainer

I signed up for a 3-month program: personalized online training plan & classed with Kasia. I am very pleased with the effects of working with Kasia - I extended my subscription for the next months, because since I have been practicing with her, I have started noticing great effects of exercise. I recommend Kasia 100% . Just try and You wont be disappointed :)

Thelma Prior Testimonials Personal Trainer

Really enjoyed working with Kasia. Her extensive knowledge and the effort she puts in in her classes and one to one's is truly inspiring. She is definitely the best personal coach I have met and would recommend her to anyone.

Nella de Costa Testimonials Personal Trainer

Nella de Costa

Started training with Kasia in May 2020. I have done both her online classes,
personalised training plans and meal plans. Kasia is nothing but fantastic. She loves
her job and wants nothing but success for you. She will push you, motivate you and
celebrate your goals with you!

Agata Zielinska Testimonials Personal Trainer

I love working with Kasia. The online PT classes turned out to be the perfect fit for me, because of my busy schedule. Kasia is always there to answer any of my questions and is incredibly encouraging and supportive ❤️ I really enjoy working out with her and I'm always excited for the next workout 😄

Kinga Theodoridou Testimonials Personal Trainer

Kasia you are the best coach ever! Since I've been working with you I feel so good. My body loves your training, afterwards of course. 😜
Before I was doing some exercises from YouTube but it's nothing to compare. With you I know my work out is effective cause you make sure the training is done properly. You are so helpful and answer any question I would have. I feel so much support!
I love your energy and authenticity! ❤️❤️❤️

Saoirse Casey Testimonials Personal Trainer

Would highly recommend these online classes. I took many thinks away from my 8-class bundle but some key lessons included form, tempo and controlled movements. What I have learned from these classes will most certainly be implemented in the gym 😁

Victoria Jackson Testimonials Personal Trainer

Kasia is a fantastic trainer. As a beginner, I find she pays great attention to form, which I really need. She always mixes up exercises so your never bored! They are great workouts, I'm so glad I started training with Kasia!

Magdalena Pawłowska Testimonials Personal Trainer

I'm doing classes with Kasia online. She's an amazing trainer and motivator. She'll take you to the next level!

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