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Online prenatal personal training
(tailored to your needs and the week of your pregnancy)

Maternity Yoga Online from Home

A well planned online prenatal personal training program can play an integral role in promoting physical and emotional health for both the mother and baby during pregnancy.

Pregnancy exercises help to improve strength, sleep better, increase lean muscle mass, decrease depression, decrease risk of pregnancy related complications, promote a healthy weight gain, and improve body image. And most importantly, pregnancy training helps in being a  healthier &  happier mum:-)

My online prenatal and postnatal fitness programs incorporate:

  • warm up, 

  • strength training, 

  • glute,breath, core & pelvic work,

  • cardiovascular training,

  • restorative & active recovery.


In addition to a safe, effective exercise program, you will also receive guidance on easing common pregnancy aches and pains,
and key foods for a healthy pregnancy and recovery.

I like to use a habit-based approach to behavioural change to help women build the skills they need to eat well for a lifetime. 
With a habit-based approach to healthy living, the focus is on practising one new, manageable habit at a time until it feels natural,
and only then adding a new habit to the mix.


It all starts with a video call. The process of building a healthier lifestyle and workout routine begins with a simple email or phone call. Contact me to set up your complimentary 20 minute consultation to discuss what a customised exercise program would look like for you.

Prenatal Workout
drop pregnancy weight Prenatal Training Pregnancy training

Schedule a free 20 min consultation call ,
click on the link below


What's included:

  • A training program specific to your pregnancy stage.

  •  Weekly 2 or 3  x 45 min one-to-one online training session with me 

  • Comprehensive Information Package that includes tips, educational content and training instructions for each stage of pregnancy

  • Breathing, pelvic floor muscles & birth preparation exercises.

  • Daily Support from me & unlimited email support.

  • A Nutrition workshop - I will explain exactly what your calorie needs are and empower you to understand your pregnant body and its nutritional needs for growing a healthy baby.

  • Healthy Habit implementing- focusing on one new, manageable habit at a time.

  • A vibrant and real Community of other supportive members. Access  to the private FB Group  

Online Prenatal Personal Training

Training Program Details

A new program will be designed for you in every phase of your pregnancy.

Training Cycles


    • Weeks 5-8

    • Weeks 9-12


    • Weeks 13–16

    • Weeks 17–20

    • Weeks 21–24

    • Weeks 25–28

Schedule a free 20 min consultation call

Cheerful Pregnant Woman drop pregnancy weight Prenatal Training Pregnancy training

    • Weeks 29–32

    • Weeks 33–36

    • Weeks 37–40+

Experience Level

The program is  100% tailored to you  &  designed to suit the week
of your pregnancy and your experience; whether you were exercising before your pregnancy or not.

Available Facilities and Equipment

The program is designed for the equipment that you have on hand. If you don't have access to a commercial gym, I will design your program to suit what is available to you - this may include home workouts with no equipment at all.

Designed to Suit Your Training Availability

Your program will be designed to suit how many days you can commit to training, whether that be as few as 2 days per week or as many as 4-5 days of the week.

Choose Your Pricing Plan

Schedule a free 20 min consultation call

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