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Personal Training 


Scope of Practice

Women’s Fitness : Physique Transformation for Women. The female and male physique differs in terms of height, weight, muscle mass & body fat. Difference in weight is mostly because of difference in muscle mass.

   Also, the female muscle structure differ to the male one. This means that a training program  should  take into account these differences and that is what I specialize in.


Toning & Sculpting Plans: specific nutritional advice & training programs to progressively
  reduce body fat percentage & maintain lean muscle tissue

Building Functional Strength, Mobility and Core Stability - as well as getting fit it is also important to be able to move freely and without pain in everyday life. In my programs I pay a lot of attention to mobility and stretching. 


Motivation and Accountability - I will be checking your progress and I can either give   you a motivational kick or a hug.

As my client you will also join a NON STOPPERS group. The group of busy ladies that support each  other. This will help me to keep you motivated and accountable:-) 

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