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A postpartum exercise set with dumbbells, a bottle of water and a smartphone on a wooden surface, with the text 'POSTPARTUM MaMa Body Moving Online Coaching' and photos of a woman and a child on the right side

I Know That You're Going Through A Lot Right Now,

So Don't Stress & Let Me Help You:

Heal Your Body

Feel Strong As A Mother

Tone Up

Reclaim Your Confidence!

Postnatal Client  Testimonium


Are you ready to feel strong again? If you are a 13+ weeks postpartum mum, I created program for you.The MaMa Body Moving  is an at-home fitness program that both challenges you AND works to heal yourcore and pelvic floor.

The  program is designed to restore your    core from the inside out, repair mild diastasis recti (overstretched or “separated” abdominals) and retrain yourdeepest layer of abdominal muscles!

A person lifting a child in the air, symbolizing joy and strength, to emphasize how important physical fitness is in everyday life


  • Faster return to pre-pregnancy weight,

  • Reduced stress, anxiety and insomnia,

  • Improved posture, resulting in fewer aches and pains,

  • More efficiently delivers blood and oxygen to the heart and brain, enhancing energy-levels,

  • You will gain knowledge about healthy nutrition and how much you should eat to get your body back


  • 6 weeks of training program designed for each stage of your postpartum period,

  • Nutrition guide,

  • 30 delicious recipes,

  • Fitness planner.

Still wondering if you have what it takes to "GET YOUR BODY BACK", "GET FIT", "LOSE THE WEIGHT", "RESTORE YOUR CORE", "FEEL CONFIDENT" again?

You Do!  You Just Need A Good Plan & Some Support

Postnatal Client  Testimonium


Who will benefit from this program?

Every New Mama 13+ weeks postpartum who would like to:

  • recover after pregnancy, 

  • regain strength,

  •  lose some pregnancy weight.

The  MaMa Body Moving program consists of 3 programs,
each  can be purchased separately.

Each program is a timed circuit training program,
all you have to do is to PRESS
the start button and you are ready to exercise with me.

All programs require very little to no equipment
(resistance bands, small weights - can be substituted with anything you have on hand).

(13+ weeks postpartum) is a full body program including diastasis recti friendly core exercises:

Training 2- 3 times a week  (1,5-2hrs/week)


is an upper  & core program including diastasis recti friendly core exercises:

Training 3 x week

2 levels of fitness - beginners   (1,5-2hrs a week)  & intermediates (2-2,5hrs a week)

MAMMA! GET CONTROL BACK PROGRAM (19+weeks postpartum)   is a lower body   & core program including diastasis recti friendly core exercises:

Training 3 x week 

2 levels of fitness - beginners   (1,5-2 hrs a week) 
& intermediates (2-2,5 hrs a week)

Mary F.

‘I loved your postpartum online program. It was so easy to follow, the workouts were challenging but doable and I had so much fun doing them.

I feel so strong and I have no problem carrying my toddler around the house. Thank you Kasia.

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