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Online coaching allows my clients access to me throughout the year and wherever they are. This is a complete package for you including a tailored training program and a nutrition plan.




This package is for you if you:

  • Want to lose weight,

  • Want to feel stronger & more confident,

  • Want to feel happy in your own body, 

  • Are not afraid of taking the challenge to
    a new you

  • You are ready to feel great again.



You will receive a  training program that can be done in the comfort of your home, with the equipment that you have available or without any equipment at all.



If you already have a gym membership (and the gym
is opened :-)!) that’s even better.
You will receive a plan for you that you can do at the gym.



You will get clear instructions on how to use the gym equipment so that next time you feel confident using free weights or machines.



6 weeks or 12 programs are available
(depending on your goals).



What you get in a package are:

  1. Weekly one-on-one check-up/training sessions with me,

  2. Weekly progress analysis,

  3. Monthly meal packs,

  4. Personalized training plan as well as instructional videos, 

  5. Healthy habit implementation plan,

  6. Access to private FB support group where I share nutrition & training tips daily,

  7. Access to live fitness classes.



During the first consultation, I will get to know you a little bit and see how I can help you with achieving your goals. At the same time you get a chance to see if my offer suits you and your expectations. If not, no harm done :)


Are you ready to feel great again?

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